STEM & Innovation

Modern experiences are often filled with the need to understand technology, whether it be work-related or just making a cup of coffee. Technological advancements that are integrated into everyday life are accelerating the need for personal education, employee upskilling, and unique training opportunities. For the jobs of the future, there are two main components that drive growth, STEM education & technology innovation. Key factors of developing the highly skilled workforce needed to fill jobs rooted in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) are access to hands-on technology, advanced resources, and industry expertise.

VIDEO: H2 Grand Prix 2023 World Finals by Horizon Educational held at the Venetian in Las Vegas, NV

This fall, students from around the globe gathered in Las Vegas, NV for the world’s largest hydrogen competition, the Hydrogen Grand Prix (H2GP) by Horizon Educational. The international competition brings students together to learn about renewable hydrogen power in a way that also teaches problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork, and other more

VIDEO: Largest installation of Nanoleaf Shapes being installed by Growing Gears at the North Las Vegas STEM Center of Excellence

Nanoleaf light panels are products that showcase light in a way that is not only artistic, but also interactive. This technology illuminates the creative design process and allows for custom configurations that support ambiance and function. In terms of technology integration, function is often missed. On that note, this product really allows for that complex more

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Dee, the color-changing car unveiled by BMW

One of the world’s largest luxury sports vehicle companies has stepped up the game when it comes to vehicular expression, and they’re doing it with color that changes on demand.

BMW impressed the audience during their keynote at CES 2023 when they unveiled the world’s first ever, dynamic, color-changing, all-electric, smart car they call “Dee.” more

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Valve Index VR equipment running a flight simulator.

Virtual Reality: The Frontier of Simulation  

First, let’s talk about Virtual Reality, or VR. In an ever-changing world, technology seems to continually advance and this is no different for the world of screens. Interacting with various types of screens has become a normal part of everyday life, whether they be used to make more

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Retro technologies that have been replaced by apps.

Now that high tech hardware has become exponentially compact, electronic devices and gadgets are nearly all but replaced with phone apps. Decades of modern technology that weighed hundreds of pounds can now be placed in your pocket, weighing only ounces. Entire chains of video rental, music, and book stores are instantly available more

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Lines of HTML code.

Coding is a very versatile talent to have in the STEM Workforce. If you think about it, coding is all around you. It’s in computer chips, televisions, robots, vehicle software, and even in multi-mode flashlights. Coding is a very powerful tool that can be used everywhere these days, and depending on how you are taught, it may not be as hard more

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AI security software program with facial recognition.

In the fast-paced world of data collection, human workers are inefficient at processing the huge volumes of what many consider to be useless and irrelevant information. This type of work requires the mental processing of a computer. Artificial intelligence (AI) programs have been added to the modern workforce helping humans to more

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Diagram of a connected smart home with IoT devices.

There was a time when making a grocery list before you went to the store was a typical way of shopping. Then, cell phones and texting became widespread and people could actually go to the store without a list and make or receive a call from someone at home to see what items they should purchase. That all changed with the advancement of what many more

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3D printing skills integrated into lithium-ion battery and hydrogen fuel cell powered electric vehicles.

According to Presidential Executive Order 13801, Expanding Apprenticeships in America, there are 350,000 manufacturing jobs that are unfilled in America due to a lack of skilled workers. The Executive Order also recognized that many colleges and universities are failing to adequately prepare students to secure high-paying jobs, making it difficult for them to pay for “crushing” student debt acquired through the more

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Amber Bosket at State Renewable Energy explains 3D printing, computer science, and student performance to Columbian delegation.

A week ago, a delegation of education experts from the country of Columbia visited the office of Amber Bosket, Executive Director of State Renewable Energy, to learn more about the Green STEM Education initiatives she has developed. Amber, a renewable energy and STEM education specialist, showcased some of the award-winning more

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Technology Intern, Nathan Bosket, demonstrating autonomous robotic responses.

STEM is a term that is used often in education and stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. But what exactly is STEM? Well, let’s put it this way. If STEM were a product sold at a store, America would not have enough of it to meet the current and future demands of its customers. The customers for this product are the businesses that need it to succeed in the 21st century more